Our lines of business currently revolve around developing residences, both first and second homes, developing office buildings, hotels and shopping centers, as well as managing real-estate assets.

For this purpose, Monthisa has been collaborating with international institutional investors with whom it has entered into joint investment agreements, also serving as the local managing partner.


Monthisa’s business approach is based on a decided investment policy by way of holding majority interests in subsidiaries, thus enabling us to be involved directly in their management, by combining the enterprising spirit, the investment of profits and the decision-making agility which characterizes family-owned companies, with the professionalism of large-scale corporations.

Our traditional profit reinvestment policy, seeking to create value on a mid-term and long-term basis, combined with some qualified technical resources and an excellent team of professionals has continuous growth possible throughout our past. Today, Monthisa is recognized in the real-estate sector as a company with an excellent reputation, our corporate mission thus having been accomplished.


To fulfill our corporate mission, Monthisa governs its operations based on the following values:

Good Practices
Corporate Responsibility