The major milestones

Tribute to our founder

1958<br />Tribute to our founder

Monthisa is a family business the beginnings of which date back to 1958, when Mr. Francisco Montoro Gil, the current President’s father, founded FRAYMON S.A.E. starting from a small car repair shop.
FRAYMON engaged in manufacturing clutches and friction materials for the automotive industry, for both private cars and industrial vehicles and trucks.
FRAYMON held the license in Spain for the most important clutch manufacturers in the world: Borg Warner Corporation in the U.S., Borg and Beck in the U.K, FICHTEL UND SACHS in Germany and FERODO in FRANCE, with whom it later set up a joint venture, FERODO ESPAÑOLA S.A.
Producing three million clutches a year, FRAYMON became the leading clutch manufacturer in Spain for the automotive industry.

Monthisa came into being

1968<br />Monthisa came into being

Monthisa was founded in 1968 with the aim of investing in sectors other than the automotive industry and creating a diversified, sound business group present nationwide.
Over the course of its past, Monthisa has been present in the following economic sectors:

Financial sector via FIMONSA
Real-estate sector via URPESA S.A., currently MONTHISA RESIDENCIAL S.A.

Real-Estate Development

1971<br />Real-Estate Development

As of 1971, the year in which MONTHISA RESIDENCIAL S.A. (formerly called URPESA) was founded, MONTHISA’s main activity has been real-estate development.
Monthisa Residencial is an integral development firm engaging in the complete real-estate development process, from purchasing and managing the land, up to the sale and delivery of the residences.
Over the more than 40 years Monthisa Residencial has been in business, it has developed and sold more than 20,000 residences, 115,700 m2 of business premises, 28,000 m2 for shopping centers and 49,000 m2 for tourist operations.
Monthisa Residencial has regional offices in Murcia, Seville, Cordoba and Malaga, besides in Madrid.

Centro Comercial Moda Shopping in Madrid

1985<br />Centro Comercial Moda Shopping in Madrid

The development of the “CC Moda Shopping” complex marked a milestone in 1984 on Spain’s real-estate market.
Comprised of the shopping mall and an attached four-storey office building, this complex was developed by Monthisa Residencial and subsequently transferred to the MAPFRE insurance company.

Shopping Mall on the Main Street of Bilbao

1990<br />Shopping Mall on the Main Street of Bilbao

In April 1990, Monthisa Residencial and the British construction firm TILBURY DOUGLAS PLC set up a joint venture acquiring the former regional government building on the Main Street of Bilbao for the purpose of turning it into a small shopping mall.

M30 South Business Estate

1991<br/>M30 South Business Estate

A complex comprised of nine office buildings located on Madrid’s M30 South ring road, its main façade facing onto Avenida del Abroñigal, integrating a total of nearly 100,000 m2 of office space for different industrial uses.

La Razón Newspaper Building

1997<br />La Razón Newspaper Building

Located on Josefa Valcárcel Street in Madrid, this building was acquired by Monthisa in June 1997. Following its enhancement after a thorough technical maintenance process and leasing its offices to top-class occupants.

Vía Dublín 7 Building

2000<br />Vía Dublín 7 Building

Building developed by Monthisa in 1999, located in “Centro de las Naciones”, comprised of six upper floor levels plus three basement levels and a ground floor level, totaling 18,097 m2 above grade level and 8,274 m2 below grade level.

Ribera del Loira 8 Building

2002<br />Ribera del Loira 8 Building

Office building comprised of a ground-floor level plus three complete upper floor levels, each totaling 1,760 m2 of office space, located on Ribera del Loira Street in Madrid, thus being readily-accessible from the M-40 ring road and Campo de las Naciones.
Hugo Boss, Syngenta, Emc2 are some of our occupants, making this Building a fundamental asset in our rental properties listing.

Pórtico Building

2005<br />Pórtico Building

Pórtico is a top-class office building located on the M-40 ring road by the Campo de las Naciones. Developed by Monthisa in a joint venture with the American developer HINES, it has 31,215 m2 of office space and provides utmost versatility for its prospective occupants. Designed by the SOM architectural firm and by the Spanish architect Rafael de la Hoz.
Selected as the finest office building in the world in 2007 at the prestigious MIPIM International Real-Estate Event.

Berlin Building

2006<br />Berlin Building

Located at Stralauer Allee 6 in Berlin, directly overlooking the Spree River, this building was acquired by Monthisa in July 2006 in its final stage of construction.
Occupied completely by the MTV Networks company, it has 7,975 m2 of first-class office space.

Recession and economic crisis

2008<br />Recession and economic crisis

From 2008 to 2013, despite the severe economic crisis which has taken place on what could be termed of a worldwide scale and especially in the real-estate sector in Spain, Monthisa has built, developed and delivered the following residential developments, serving as proof of our sound standing and trust on the part of the construction agents and the banking sector and, what is more important, the public:
C.B. Villas de Tempranales (Madrid)
C.B. Monthisa Trasierra (Córdoba)
Tempranales Colectivas (Madrid)
Residencial Móstoles I and Móstoles II
Residencial Monthisa Valdebebas

Radisson Blu Madrid Prado Hotel

2009<br />Radisson Blu Madrid Prado Hotel

In October 2009, Monthisa restored a formerly protected, catalogued building located on Moratín Street in Madrid, turning it to a small 54-room hotel.
Monthisa built a “turnkey” for the international Radisson chain, being the first hotel established in Spain for its line of RADISSON BLU hotels.
This building won the ASPRIMA 2010 (Madrid Real-Estate Developers Association award) for the best restoration.

Monthisa asset management

2013<br />Monthisa asset management

In December 2013, Monthisa began a new line of business, becoming the asset manager for the banking fund, FAB 2013 BULL BANK ASSET FUND.
As an Asset Manager, Monthisa provides the fund with integral services regarding 1,600 real-estate assets, managing their completion, if necessary, maintenance and administration tasks and, of course, their marketing and sale.

Maura Project

2015<br />Maura Project

In June 2015, Monthisa and Proprium Capital Partners formed a strategic alliance and created a 300 million-euro investment vehicle.
The company named Monthisa Real Estate will seek to capitalize on the enhancement of the fundamental of Spain’s economic recovery by means of acquisitions, restorations and new real-estate developments.
This company was formed with 120 million euros in assets provided by Monthisa, with a portfolio of several office buildings and a hotel.
Under the agreements of this alliance, Monthisa will be in charge of managing this new vehicle as well as seeking new opportunities on the basis of Proprium’s experience on the debt capital markets.
Proprium Capital Partners manages capital funds totaling 2.5 billion dollars for more than 50 institutional investors, including public and private pension plans, family offices and sovereign wealth funds.
Proprium’s investment philosophy is to enter into associations with local real-estate firms seeking to create long-term value and sustainable development.
Proprium has offices in New York, Atlanta, London, Hong Kong and Mumbai and is currently managing investments in fifteen countries.

PropCo Orange

2017<br />PropCo Orange

Text PropCo Orange.

Fin del Proyecto Maura

2019<br />Fin del Proyecto Maura

Text Fin del Proyecto Maura.

Nuevos proyectos

2020<br />Nuevos proyectos

Text Nuevos proyectos.